How to add a personal touch with bathroom taps

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After designing the bathroom space and after choosing the right fittings, it’s the moment to choose the right taps. Taps are available in countless series of forms and finishing for each price range. They have evolved encompassing ever evoluting functions such as environmentally, economically and socially essential water saving, chromotherapy for psycho-physical wellbeing and sensors which come in useful for people with disabilities. The washbasin tap is particularly important in the bathroom: according to its installation, set composition, finishing and design, the tap will characterize your washbasin. Archiproducts offers a wide choice of taps for your washbasin. You can browse among different styles and features!

Knobs or mixers? Choosing is hard even if there’s a trend to choose the latter because it’s easier to use. The traditional tap is the set made up of a spout and two knobs, one for hot water and one for cold water. The flow can be adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the knobs and the mix of hot and cold water happens in the spout. Technically, this tap is a two-command one because of the two knobs. The mixer instead is a single handle washbasin tap because the flow and the temperature of water is adjusted only with one movement of the lever that controls the cartridge and the mixing happens in the body of the mixer. In a central position the lever lets out lukewarm water while we will have hot or cold water moving the lever to the left or to the right respectively. The most common model is the mono-piece mixer, a single hole washbasin tap in which the spout and the knob are part of a single structure. There are also mixer models with two holes or with remote controls: the tap can be activated by a knob placed on the wall, on the top or on the vanity unit.

How do you install a washbasin tap? You can choose the classic countertop tap to be placed on the countertop or on the surface of the washbasin or for a wall mounted tap. For freestanding washbasins or if you want to astonish your guests with a designer tap choose a floorstanding washbasin tap. The height of the spout isn’t only an aesthetic feature because it also increases comfort in the area under the tap ensuring its functionality. A tap placed too low can, for example, make it hard to wash your hair or to bath a baby while a tap placed too high can splash water around too much. Choose a standard height spout for installations on the fixture and higher for installations on the top in order to overpass the side of the basin especially in case of leaning ones. Elegant and trendy, the high spout mixers transform the washbasin into a true designer’s piece. In case of a double washbasin or in case of a really large one, install a double set of taps.

the average lifetime of household fixtures is about 25 years and a tap isn’t replaced so easily! If you choose a mixer, invest some money in a model coming with ceramic cartridge inside: they are more expensive than the plastic cartridge ones but they’re more functional and last longer. To reduce water consumption choose an electronic tap which allows water flow adjustment, temperature setting, water pressure and water consumption. In case of infrared mixers, the water flow is interrupted when the user gets away from the tap while in digital mixers you can control the temperature, the duration and the water pressure via a Wi-Fi connection.

Classic style tap or contemporary tap? As everybody knows: de gustibus! For a classy bathroom, classic style, you can choose a vintage three hole tap: curvy lines, star-shaped knobs and chromed brass finishing will bring the 19th century back home. Or you could choose an electronic mixer with led lighting to get a spa ambiance. And if you’re in for something spectacular, choose a ceiling mixer. Your guests will certainly queue up to wash their hands.


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