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Having the ideal lighting in a room is as fundamental as furnishing it. Light allows to enjoy the spaces to the fullest, to create evoking atmospheres and to carry out one’s favored activities, like reading a nice book, cooking or gathering around a table, even in the evening hours. Sometimes the perfect light can give a new soul to spaces, reshaping them. By playing with different light spots, you can visually split the area in two and differentiate each zone by their use, even without having to physically separate them.

Furthermore, by positioning the optimal lighting element in the right place of a room you can make a detail stand out, fill an empty space, harmonize the pieces of furniture, emphasize a modern design or accentuate a classic design.

Apart from serving their primary function, indoor lamps are getting increasingly closer to the concept of design items used as focal points in a room, to give it character. This makes them unique elements, rich in style and capable to both furnish a space and lighten it, but also to add a distinctive, innovative and personal mark to a house, at the work place or in the spaces pertaining to the HoReCa industry.

Hence, choosing a lamp becomes a manner to express one’s taste, flair and creativity. In this decision process, the first factors to be valued are the area where the light spot will be placed, its position and the function it will serve. Afterwords, it becomes necessary to define the lamp typology. There are endless options in this sense; it is possible to range from marvelous pendant lamps, innovative wall or table lamps, recessed lights or spotlights, or practical floor lamps. Once this aspect is defined, it is possible to let creativity run free in choosing among lamps that differ from one another for design, styles, shapes, handiness, functionality, colors and materials. The care in design details will literally shed a new light on the area, making its style stick out.

Every space demands a careful analysis to lead towards the choice of the most appropriate lighting. From the kind of lighting element to its correct positioning; from the adequate light temperature of the lamps, to the emphasis put on some areas rather than others.

The entrance, a passage area with the outdoor space and the first room visible after one steps in, the corridor; they all need to be appropriately lightened in order to ensure a safe passage and entrance. It is therefore advisable to shed a diffuse light by installing wall lamps. These lamps can emanate light without taking out space from the rooms, since spotlights and sconces can decorate the wall without cluttering it or obstructing movements.

You can chose among classic or modern lamps, in natural or high tech materials, in more discreet colors that blend in with the colors of the wall or more outlandish, eye-catching ones. It is even possible to range from lamps with a minimalist, neat and essential silhouette, or more imposing ones, that create visual effects in the area where they are placed. Along corridors and indoor stairs, for private buildings as well as for spaces with commercial purposes, steplights are the ideal lighting solution. With their delicate but significant presence they create lighted paths, ensuring full safety in movements


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